Some Questions/Answers about Wizard Hairdressing

Questions & Answers

Q. I’m elderly or not very mobile and like the old fashioned styles, will wizard hairdressing meet my needs.

A. Wizard Hairdressing is on the ground floor with a drop off facility directly outside the front door, bus stop and car parking directly around the corner. If you are being dropped off I will call for you to be collected or arrange a taxi. The Staff at Wizard Hairdressers have over 70 years hair experience between them so setting /perming / traditional looks are second nature to us. Wizard Hairdressing offers, early out of hour appointments for clients who are nervous about coming in during busier periods. We offer a one to one personal service with a very generous slot time. But being a certain age does not define us so the ultra active client can avail of an ultra modern look also . We offer 15% to all our mature ladies. The salon is completely sanitized and we adhere to all the Covid rules, put in place by the government. Our client need to be approved before accessing the salon via ringing the doorbell, so ultra safe. Screen dividers are provided between sections and we limited the amount of clients at any one time. We also supply complimentary PPE gear and all our stylists are masked up. We offer a dry cut facility if you are unable to use salon sinks I cannot facilitate wall in’s at the moment due to Covid restrictions and bookings depend on availability. Since Covid 99% of our clients have availed of our pre-booking system which guarantees you, your preferred stylist and a slot that suits you best.

Q. I need a Colour Correction / Home Disasters, how can you help me?

A. We are very approachable regarding this and have seen lots of home disasters due to lockdown, so we recommend booking a free consultation and I we will endeavour to start a colour path that will suit you, that won’t break the bank. Wizard Hairdressing offer, in house Colour Masters.

Q. I Don’t want ammonia or PPD in my colour, how can you assist me?

A. We have a range of ammonia free colour products and 80% of our colour is PPD free. I Recommend, a patch test and a consultation, to put your mind at ease. Jackie Reid, the Salon owner has undergone a detailed research program to provide the best possible hypro-allergic products to our clients models that includes treatment, shampoo, conditioner and masks and are online shop are only products we use in house.

Q. I’m searching for a new stylist /salon

A. I recommend you book a free consultation, as the client /stylist is a relationship and here at Wizard Hairdressers, we like to ensure that we can provide you will the best possible service you require. There are four different stylists to choose from and we aim to match you with the best fit.

Q. What can I expect as an existing client?

A. Wizard Hairdressers have for over 35 years and they provide the most up to date products and services options. Wizard Hairdressing is very passionate about new products / treatments / colours and the latest fashion.

Q. I would like a 12 week blow dry / keratin smoothing / de-frizzing.

A. A lot of my clients discovered Coco Choco during lock down and they love it. This is one of the best solutions on the market and I provide this service on long / short / partial hair and you can avail of this, starting at €50.00 will point out for best lasting results you need use the recommended aftercare products.

Q. I need my roots Coloured every 3 weeks, can you organize a special price for me?

A. Many of my clients require roots touched up every 3 weeks, so yes, Wizard Hairdressers schedule a plan on a pre booked basis for every unique customer. Along with getting roots touched up, we treat our clients to the usual after colour mask, you would receive with the Full color service

Q. I’m a new client, what can I expect from Wizard Hairdressers?

1. Consultation and professional service

2. Banter chat and a fun experience

3. Home care maintenance recommendations

4. best back wash and styling products

5. Hair detox treatment.

6. Patch test before colour plan.

Online Bookings

Q. Can I book cut and styling online?

A. Yes

Q. Can I book a Colour / Highlights / Keratin Smoothing / Perming Online?

Yes, if you are an existing client but not if you are a new client as you are required to have a patch test and consultation 48 business hours in advance prior to service.

Q. Will I need to pay a deposit?

A. Yes, new clients will be asked to pay a 20% deposit.

Q. Do you accept kids / children for hair cuts

I do accommodate small children of existing clients.